Automaticly UnCompress All Files in Selected Folders


Since a more than a week I tried to create a workflow for automatically unarchiving files but without success ! So I decided to ask for your help
Here’s the situation : in my work I often receive archived files (mainly .rar & .zip but also sometimes a few .dms files), those files are all stored in different folders and each time I have to go through all those folders and unarchive all that the file by file, what makes me lose a lot of my precious time!
So, I tried by myself to establish a workflow with Automator that will perfom all this automatically , without success until now because it never worked like it should have been the case!

This is what I would have like the workflow to do :
  1. ask the user to select manually all the folders that the workflow will have to deal with
  2. look in all those folders, and their sub-folders to see if they’re containing archives
  3. if this is not the case to go directly to the next folder to perform the same research
  4. if this is the case to undertake the unarchiving of all the presented files and to move the intial files (that are now unarchived) to the trash (but without deleting them)
  5. when the totality of the archives have been uncompressed the workflow should stop by itself

Do you think that it is possible to establish such a workflow?

If yes do you have some suggestions how to do it?

Many thanks in advance to everyone who will take te time to help me with it :)