Automator Action For Merging Pdf Files



What is a logical way of using the Combine PDF Pages action? When I tried using it it seems to run but no feedback appears. How can I choose to save as a new file? Where does the result appear once it runs? If anyone has already done this, please can you post the steps you used?

Many thanks indeed.

You need to build a Workflow consisting of Get Specified Finder Items, Sort Finder Items, Combine PDF Pages, and Open Finder Items, then save the Workflow as a Finder Plug-In. Then, when you select all the (hopefully name-ordered) PDF files you want to combine, you can control-click or left click and select Automator -> <workflow name> to do the combining (slow) and open the PDF file, whcih you can then Save As whatever you want to call it.

There's a nice summary here: .