[AUTOMATOR] Modifying ".webloc" file names


I use to use automator for doing short scripts of two to three actions, that filter among a bunch of files in order to modify their names. Among which, many bookmarks saved as ".webloc" files I use to keep. Files are passed through drag-and-drop. The first action that receives the file names is "Filter Finder Items 2.action" (there is also a file "Filter Finder Items.action" but I can't use it). And usually the second one is "Rename Finder Items.action", and that's it, in most cases.
But since recently, when I drag-n-drop a ".webloc" file, it opens in Safari as a URL, and my automator script is ignore ! Might be a stupid flag somewhere, I guess, but I can't find one around or in the script that say about this.

Thanks in advance for any clue.
-- Éric

NB: MacOSX 10.6.8, Automator 2.1.1, no addons neither in Safari nor in Automator if this is meaningful.