Running 10.4.2

Any workflow I create that actually does something with finder items fails with the error "Workflow Executive Failed". The failure is in the action that would result in a change of the finder item: e.g., adding a spotlight comment, copying the file, etc.

For a particular example, consider the workflow

1) Get Selected Finder Items
2) View Results
3) Copy Finder Items

The "To" folder is my home folder, and I apply the workflow to a pdf file on my desktop. The first and second actions succeed, with the second action showing
{document file "IntroDraft2_CommentsMBL.pdf" of folder "Desktop" of item "lsf" of application "Finder"}

The third action fails. With the failure the following message appears in my console.log:

2005-07-28 18:38:44.133 Automator[867] An error occurred converting data {
OSAScriptErrorBriefMessage = "Can't make \U00abclass docf\U00bb \"IntroDraft2_CommentsMBL.pdf\" of \U00abclass cfol\U00bb \"Desktop\" of item \"lsf\" of application \"Finder\" into type alias.";
OSAScriptErrorMessage = "Can't make \U00abclass docf\U00bb \"IntroDraft2_CommentsMBL.pdf\" of \U00abclass cfol\U00bb \"Desktop\" of item \"lsf\" of application \"Finder\" into type alias.";
OSAScriptErrorNumber = -1700;
OSAScriptErrorRange = <00000000 00000000 >;

I'm at a loss for how to proceed. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
Actually, the 'View Results' panel should have displayed -

'document file "IntroDraft2_CommentsMBL.pdf" of folder "Desktop" of folder "CURRENT_USER" of folder "Users" of startup disk of application "Finder"',

where 'CURRENT_USER' is the log in name of the current user..

I am curious as to why your 'Get Finder Items' action result contains 'item "lsf"' in place of 'folder "CURRENT_USER" of folder "Users" of startup disk"'?; hmmm, interesting ...
I don't know if this is relevant or not but I'm using file-vault on this account. As a result lsf is a mount point on /Users and not an actual directory.
Perhaps you could turn OFF 'FileVault', select your '.pdf' file, and run your Automator workflow once again?