Hi guys, I have been using Tiger for a while now, and I love Dashboard and Spotlight, especially Spotlight!

But I haven't found a use yet for automator.

How is everyone here putting automator to work? Any ideas would be appreciated!
I use my camera a lot. I have it so it takes the folder of images and videos from the camera, then moves it all to a folder called "Unindexed", and THEN moves all movies to the folder "Movies" and all images to the folder "Images", and finally all thumb files to the trash bin. Then it labels the folder "Unindexed" red. That means I haven't checked it, to move the files. When I move the files I remove the red label. It also deletes the original folder.
I've used it to download and store streamed video clips from, to batch-rename a number of images prior to uploading to a website, and I also have a great little workflow that lets me pick any image, which it then automatically scales to the size of my cellphone's LCD display and sends to the phone using the Bluetooth Object Push action. Admittedly, I rarely use Automator, but I am grateful that it is there and I hope it improves with time.
I take alot of screenshots, I use it to rename the screenshot by date, then to transfer them to a folder.