.avi video HELP!


I just got a cd with a movie on it from a friend. The video is in .avi format. I can not find a single program that will play it...does one exsist? I hope so. Someone help me out.


Its floating around out there some place... I should think it will be out (officialy) fairly soon... From what I've heard it works fairly well...


Guy Who Loves X
If you're desperate and the video is in one of the Indeo formats (3 thru 5) you'll be able to play it in Classic if you can track down the plugins (Intel used to have them buried in their download database, but they're owned by another company now, so I'm not sure).

Try this: Open the movie (QuickTime Player should complain about it being unable to play it--click ok, not close). Now get info on the movie, and look at the video compressor; it should say something like "Indeo 5" or "MS divx" or the like. If it says divx or 3vix, the decompressor that doppelbock mentioned should do it. If it says Indeo 5, Indeo 4, or Indeo 3.2, then those Intel plugins should work. Otherwise... try waiting for Media Player from MS.