.avi with subtitles to CD


I have download a film format AVI (702mb), and also have obtained its respective subtitles. It wanted to know how to record it in a 700 MB CD, being maintained format AVI, to be able to as much see it in the computer as in hall a DVD-Divx reproducer, of course with its respective subtitles. Thanks.

P.D.: I have Toast 6
What format are the subs? I'll assume .sub or .ssa.

VLC and MPlayer will play subtitle files over the video just fine, but not QuickTime or most other players (for example, Divx-capable DVD players).

If you want it to play in players like QTP, then you'll need to re-encode the video and hard-code the subs (that is, make the subs part of the video image rather than a separate file. You can do this using ffmpegX.

BTW, if anyone knows a good way to convert sub/ssa files to QT-compatible text tracks, I'd love to hear it. I've never found one myself, but I haven't tried in a while.
I've once found one, but didn't get it to work right. :/ Now I don't even remember its name...