Aww..... silly problems.


Ok, 10.1 is great, I like the speed, new features, etc.


two really odd problems that nobody else seems to have, but that occur on two of my partitions even after both have been clean installed.

1) I can't mount ANY disk images. It returns and error -192

2) I cannot connect to my iDisk space. Neither the little iDisk icon in the finder window nor Command K work.

The former returns the error "Your iDisk cannot be accessed. Your member nameor password may be invalid." The latter gives me "No file services are available for the URL afp://

But, my user name/pass are ok (I get my e-mail), and I know that iDisk isn't down because I can reboot into 9.2.1 and use it.

Any idea what is going on? Not being able to mount disk images didn't seem so big at first, but then I thought, "how am I going to install new apps?"