B&W install blues (RAM Weirdness)


Got my MacOS X disk last night.,..

My setup:

G3-450(stock), 512mb RAM, 40gb hard drive in 4 partitions, three ATI RAGE 128 graphics cards.

System booted from the CD and got 90% done the install when I got the message "Operation not allowed, please try installing again"

Tried again, same error.

Stripped out the extra video cards, and replaced the multipartitioned 40gb with a single partitioned 13gb drive.

Same error.

Removed all the RAM but one 128mb DIMM. Installs normaly.

Put all my RAM back in and restarted. Kernal Panic.

Okay... I figure I have some bad RAM, so I remove all but one DIMM, install and boot... and then swap the RAM modules and repeat, figureing when the install/reboot fails, I've found the bad RAM module.

No dice, the four installs each work fine with a different RAM module for each install.

Next, I try installing with the DIMM in each of the different RAM slots, figuring I have a bad RAM slot.

Works fine in any -one- slot.

So... whats the problem? Works fine with any -one- of my DIMMs, and with that DIMM in any slot, but not with more than one DIMM installed at once. Any ideas?