Backing out of an OSX update?


I use Entourage X for an email business. It was working beautifully until I downloaded the OS X 4.0.2 upgrade today. Now Entourage won't open up at all. I get a window that the application has unexpectedly quit (no reason given, no error message). Is there a way to back out of the latest OS version?
No, but I would instead check if there are updates to MS-Office that need to be installed, as these are the most likely places to find critical fixes like this.
I agree with both of the above steps as i have entourage 2004 and have just updated to 10.4.2 with no problems, so its worth checking for updates for your office/ entourage version from Microsoft.

But if you did want to back out of the OS X update then you would need to archive and install back to the OS version on your install CD/DVD.