Backup software ?? has to be easy to use.


Hi everyone ,
i would like to buy / download a backup software.
I would like to backup to another HD . So whenever i press a icon the software should backup only the modified files and overwrite them on the HD or even only backup the modified files on DVD or CD.

Any idea what to get.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Bob, thanks for the tip.
I already downloaded it and it works great
by the way do you know how I can add my mails from entourage and my addresses to the backup.
I can't find them. I went to app./microsoft osx / but nothing i added my templets but no way to find my addresses and mails.

Could you help.


Just add the Microsoft User Data folder to the backup. I think all Entourage stuff is in there, located here;

You can try CCC

It'll backup everything on your external HD/partition and make it bootable quite useful if/when needed ;)

sorry to correct BobW :)

user/documents/microsoft user data

is what you should look for
Mike lucky you :)

Lugano (TI) ::love:: Beautifull place, italian atmosphere and swiss standard of living way better than Nyon (VD)

N.B do you speak italian ?

Thanks . will check it out, too.

Seems we have quiet a few mac users in CH.

Good to know.

Because down in Lugano nothing, the support is not really good.
No nice shops like in ZH.

Anyway give me a reason to go to ZH and check the shops out.


Not so many nice Mac shops in ZH, either. ;) ... Well: A few, but you kinda have to know where they are before you go to Zurich, or you wouldn't just 'run into' them...
Aaah, I love Zurich. I have to go over to Austria a couple of times a year, Innsbruck, so it's always top of my list to nip over the border and take in the Swiss lifestyle.

I just purchased Prosoft's Data Backup and it is quite user friendly. I have not yet tries to restore, but it's notably easier to figure out than was Retrospect Express. Works so far with 10.4.2