Backuping OS X for reinstall: Network Location pb


Hi everyone,

I've been running my OSX for more than 2 years now, without *any* problems.
Never had that with windows, and I'm really happy about it.
But still, it has slow down over the time. So it seems to me that a total reinstallation with the new TIGER would be a good thing.

Of course I'd like to keep all the tunings I have been doing over those two years. Quite a challenge! Any help on this side from the one that have done it before would be greatly appreciated.
Overall I'm pretty well prepared I think, having backed up all prefs, be Users or System.

But I just realize that all my network locations are in a kind of *encrypted* plist :
Can't read anything inside except some field name.
So I seriously doubt I'll be able to simply copy/paste that after reinstall.
Anybody knows a way to reuse that kind of stuff?