"bad disk" when rebooting from OSX to 9.1


I have a problem when rebooting from OSX to 9.1. When starting 9.1 after shutting down from OSX after changing the startup disk Disk First Aid always detects a "bad disk" and proceeds to check the entire partition. No problems are every found an the boot continues normally but it gets tiresome having to wait for 5 minutes while the disk is checked (I have a 30mb hard drive).

I almost never use 9.1 so it's hard to pinpoint when it started occuring but I don't recall seeing it before 10.0.3. I have installed the updated 9.1 version of Disk First aid via Software Update, perhaps that is the problem?

Specs: iMac DV-SE 500 with OSX 10.0.3 and all software updates.

Procedure: Select OS9 startup disk, log out of OSX, select "shut down", reboot into OS9 after shutdown is complete and power is off by pressing the power button. Problem happens all the time.


The only time I remember seeing this behavior is when I had to force-quit Classic, and then later reboot into 9. I think when Classic is forced away, it leaves some bit set someplace that says it went down uncleanly, so when 9 comes up, it thinks the disk is bad...of course, this is mere conjecture.


No, haven't had to do that. In fact most of the time I never use Classic. When I do use it I usually quit it cleanly. It is possible however that logging out when Classic is running could cause the same problem, I will have to test it out.