Bash on OS X

Originally posted by hekal
I just compiled Bash 2.04 for OS X if anyone is interested.

Cool !!!
Do you mind if i write an install script for it?
I first have to finish the work on the Samba binaries and scripts, but then i'll get it to work.

Plese do. :) When you're done email me the new file and I ill pot it on ftp. I will keep compiling what I can and post it here. :)
It's done.
Get it from my homepage. I changed the readme file so you can get the instructions from there. Let me know if it works, it did with me.

Is it alright by you if i send it to ?
Then they can create a page as they did for my Samba installer. Of course we will put your name with it.

my email is,
i made an update.
I did something wrong with the links. the newest version is on the same location.