batch image resizer other than photoshop


does anyone have any suggestions for a batch image resizer tool that is easier for a photoshop illiterate user to try? need to downsize digital photos for web posting/emailing. thx.
I use an AppleScript to resize quickly, any number of files;

-- save in Script Editor as Application
-- drag files to its icon in Finder

on open some_items
repeat with this_item in some_items
end try
end repeat
end open

to rescale_and_save(this_item)
tell application "Image Events"
set the target_width to 480
-- open the image file
set this_image to open this_item

set typ to this_image's file type

copy dimensions of this_image to {current_width, current_height}
if current_width is greater than current_height then
scale this_image to size target_width
-- figure out new height
-- y2 = (y1 * x2) / x1
set the new_height to (current_height * target_width) / current_width
scale this_image to size new_height
end if

tell application "Finder" to set new_item to ¬
(container of this_item as string) & "scaled." & (name of this_item)
save this_image in new_item as typ

end tell
end rescale_and_save
I use GraphicConverter myself. It's shareware, and I think the demo version can do batch processing (not sure).

But I like bobw's suggestion. I'd just never heard of "Image Events" before. I'll definitely be trying that script next time I have occasion to do something like that.
I just keep the scrip application in the Dock and drag single files or a folder to it. Quick.