Battery charging question


Rosie Moderator
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Many moons ago, iPhone batteries (and laptops) you needed to allow the battery to go low before charging and you needed to allow it to fully charge in order for the battery to have a 'good' life.
What's the scoop now with the new phones with the quote longer lasting batteries? Do you wait until the low battery alert comes up before doing a charge? Do you give it a full charge before unplugging? Or does it even matter anymore?

(yes, I finally got a new iPhone)
Congratulations on the new iPhone. :D

Put briefly, I suspect you may be referring to when batteries were nickel-based, while these days devices use lithium ion batteries. It used to be a good idea to periodically recalibrate your battery, but that is no longer the case. iOS has a feature for optimising charging, which I use, but I mostly just charge the battery when it gets low or before a time when I'm going to use the device a lot. I don't tend to run it down to less than 10%, in practice. If it helps, Apple has put together information about batteries for different devices:

Thanks ! I suspected as much, but it is always good to get a verification.