Battery life


Hey guys, please give me some pointers here.

Who knows some solid tips to sqeeze everything, all the power, his whole life out of my battery ?

I'm just not sattisfied with the batterylife of my iBook white dual boot. I already returned one to Apple , but got the same result with a new one.

FYI : When i'm working all the time it doesn't last for say 2,5 ours.

Any help would be very cool.
I never get more thatn 2.5 hours out of the battery in my PowerBook G3 400 Firewire when using OS X, but the battery life is much better in OS 9.x. This is because OS X's energy saving features are still under development.

The hope is that v10.1 will bring im proved batery life for us PowerBook and iBook users.
On the iBook 500 combo-drive, I have been able to squeeze that much out of it.
- Screen brightness at one-notch from the minimum. (The bonus being a bit of privacy when you're working on that trashy romance novel!)
- Sound off
- Not using modem, ethernet or external USB stuff.
- Not using optical drive, hard drive only.
- Processor speed down to "better conservation." Still quick enough for typing and such.
- Setting hard-drive sleep to one minute and spinning it down after saving in Office. Also, I've turned off Office sounds since they access the disk. I can work from save to save without accessing the disk at all.

Okay, its hell, but it can be done. Any more than that and you need to be thinking about getting a second battery and swapping halfway through your day.
There was an article on oreillynet which had some nifty power-saving/temperature reducing tips, but I forget the address. A search of the site should do the biz tho'.