bbedit's out

I'm eager to hear them. I used to use BBEdit to code HTML way back in the day, but stopped around the time HTML editors in WYSIWYGs got good enough to actually use and make tweaks. I'm in the process of learning Perl and PHP, so I'd love to know how the latest BBE version stacks up for those things, especially being a carbon app and all!
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...has an ftp browser window.. nice

All I need is photoshop and I can wipe 9
Finally!!! I've tried several other things, but I kept returning to BBEidt in Classic. This is going to be great native! (I guess Carbon counts as "native".)

(BTW, BBEdit has had an integrated FTP tool for years. Since version 4.5, I think.)

I agree. Native versions of the Adobe products would be great. I'm also getting tired of booting back into 9 for Final Cut video editing and Toast CD burning. I just got Toast 5 Titanium... and it is NOT native. (That sucks, but they promise a free upgrade to the native one.)