Beach-ball of Death


As of 10.4, I have run into a problem which is quite irritating. After about a month or so of continued use, Mac OS begins to give me the beach ball after pretty much every command I give it. Close a window? That'll be a five second beach ball. Open my hard drive in the Finder? Another five. Do essentially anything in any application? Five to ten seconds of beach ball time await you.

As you can imagine, this is getting quite annoying. I have found a pseudo fix for the problem:

1) Back up all important files in "~/Library/"
2) "sudo rm -r -f ~/Library"
3) Logout & log back in

However, since the problem gradually re-appears after about a month of use or so, regardless, this is really not an option for sustained usage.

I like Tiger, and would hate to have to switch back to Panther (my biggest loss would be launchd), so if anyone has any other solutions, please let me know.