Beautiful! My primary OS on a B&W G3!


My only regret is that I had to remove my 3dfx video board first, but I'm sure drivers for that will come along soon. Otherwise, I haven't needed to switch back to OS9 for anything. All of my Classic apps work. And it's super-stable! I love being able to access the Unix command line (although for those that aren't into that, it's not something that you would ever need to do). Now I'm just on the prowl for cool OS X apps!
Are you able to print anything??? If so, what printer are you using nd how is it conncted? I could stay in OS X mode all the time if I could print.

Steve Hudson
I haven't yet been brave enough to plug in my USB printer, since the official word is that it won't work. But since I haven't used the thing in months, it's not a big priority for me. I'd love to hear if people have found ways to use USB printers. I'm just overjoyed that my DSL works perfectly!

You're Voodoo 3 works? That's cool! I have a Voodoo 5500 PCI, and when I first tried to start up OS X it had a kernel panic. Can't say I was surprised, though, since it was made clear by Apple that it would work. I can't wait until they get that working!
Although there is no acceleration, so I am actually using the old Rage Pro that comes with the Beige G3... It also seemed to take ages to start up
Doesn't it just see the Voodoo3 PCI as a plain ol' VGA compatible video card or something?

I too am using it as my main OS here at work, on a G3/266 Powerbook. I love it. I've also been using the Carbonized Mozilla builds (found at if you wanna try it) and it's been an absolute joy to use. Girlfriend even has her Sun Ultra 5 set up to share SSH keys with the MacOS X box.. and the SGI O2 shares keys with it too! Yay! Now if only I could figure that out.. hmm.. me lazy.. :)
I have osx pb on my beige 233 g3 with the origanal rage card. It's slow, but stable. (check out some screenshots -

I've had success printing to an hp laserjet, via ethernet, and am going to try printing to our Panther plus image setter soon. The laserjet seemed to work fine. I haven't tried any others, but we have an Epson Fiery rip and stylus 9000 I'm going to test it with also. I'll post the results here.
Haven't tried postcript files or pdf's yet.

I'm used to using laserwriter 8 in the chooser in mac 0S 9, does anyone know how I tell what driver I'm using in X?

Originally posted by Dr_Stein
Doesn't it just see the Voodoo3 PCI as a plain ol' VGA compatible video card or something?

Just for those of you who care, I have gone back to try the voodoo 3 card in my machine. It works fine, however as far as I can tell isn't giving me any accelaration. A couple of words of warning though, my card is allowing me to see higher video resolutions than the rage pro, however if I switch to millions of colours then bad things happen. I ended up having to do a PRAM reset to get my video back.