Been fooling around with darwin


Darwin is wierd guys!! it is like using your mac as a vax terminal. it is fun as hell though cause you can compile some code with this baby without paying for a compiler! and it is all free! The only bad thing about darwin is that you need the ati card to be on the monitor for it to boot up and the fact that my external scsi does not work with booting darwin up, even though it is properly terminated and set to scsi id 0. oh well, you guys should download darwin if you got an extra 1 or 2 gigabyte drive laying around, it is fun to play with, just get a unix book first or you wont know how to even log on or run apps. type root as your logon by the way.

any hardcore unix or bsd peeps on this board wanna give me some tips to play with Darwin. i have a comprehensive command sheet, just wondering if their is anything out on the net to play with... going to right now though...
darwin is cool. i installed it just to have something to play with on my new partition while waiting for beta. i spent a little time with it, installed (a newer version) apache, php, set up the network stuff in /etc and I had my little powerbook serving up webpages on the intranet here at work (it even has its own internal domain name!!).

I am not sure what is going to happen when I do get beta (should be today!!!), but i will just pop it on there on top of darwin and see what happens... I would hate to loose all my settings, but that is probably what will happen...