Beginner needs help getting Unix stuff going


I have managed to download Fink (as a route to compiled programs), and even set up my enviroment (some PATH setting is .tcshrc). To start with a simple program I donwloaded gperiodic. When I try and run I get the following error:

dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/X11R6/lib/libXext.6.dylib

and in fact there is no such file in those folders. So I suspect I am missing some software. Do I need Xfree86 or Apple's X11 first before I can run gperiodic?

Keep in mind it took me a day to figure out I needed to edit and then learn how to edit the .tcshrc file. So be kind and explain things in some detail. I find many FAQ's on the web are still over my head.

Thanks in advance


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Most packages in Fink will work flawlessly, provided you allow Fink to automatically install the dependency packages. For instance, in order to install an X11 program, Fink should also install the packages it depends on, such as X11/XFree86 itself, XFonts, etc. You need to take care when using Fink that you tell it to install all the required packages.

I found this a little fiddly from the command line, so I would highly recommend "FinkCommander", a graphical front-end to Fink that will make it a little easier for you to see what you're doing.


I used Fink Commander to get my file. I did not see any place for me to suggest Fink load dependencies. In addtion I think I have found that the X11 system is probably more than a "dependency". I think everyone assumes you have X11 and then want to use Fink to load specific programs. Other sites have commented that I need to do the X11 load.


Cam said:
Do I need Xfree86 or Apple's X11 first
Apparently yes.

Googling the words "provide libXext macintosh" shows that libXext.6.dylib is provided by Apple's X11.


Instead of using Apple's X11, you could always get fink to install an X11 server for you. Do "sudo fink install xorg" and that should install the latest X11 server.


I did the install of Apple X11 from the Tiger (10.4) install disk (once I scrolled down and found the "optional software" install button). And to my pleasant surprise the gperiodic program ran with no other action on my part. Since then I downloaded emacs and gimp and they also worked flawlessly. So I expected to spend more time fiddling with configuration files and setting paths (from my reading of various postings on the internet). Have I taken my first steps at being a Unix geek? I like not having to do too much heavy lifting, the process is now nearly as easy as a Mac OS X installation.


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I don't know if you know this, but there's a Mac OS X version of Gimp called No compilation needed and it works wonderfully. :D


The Fink version was also downloaded without a need to compile (one of the reasons I started down this path was the hope to not to have to compile). They call it downloading binaries. Thanks for the lead, I had seen them as well. I think if they make these unix programs easier to download and use the more the Mac community will join in.