Beige G3/266 MiniTower, No Problems


I have X installed on a Beige G3/266 MiniTower, and have had zero OS problems with it. I think the widgets are a bit much, but that's ok -- I wanted to overclock to 350 anyway.

I really want a different web browser though. I didn't like IE5 in OS 9, I don't like it in OS X. Also, it's got some bizarre bugs in it.

My only OS X complaints so far are that it takes sooo long to launch applications, even little apps like "clock." Perhaps this is due to my 96MB of memory. I'll be taking it up to 224MB later today, and we'll see how well that works. It is beta after all.

It would also be nice to have an editor for MIME & file extension mappings ala internet config .. It's getting really old to sit back and watch Classic load just so the old Stuffit Expander can unstuff something for me :)