beige g3, pci video accelleration, dvd - osx


My problem,

G3 beige DT, rev 1 logic board (cruddy onboard video in osx).
The machine has got 384MB RAM and a G4/400 upgrade and an apple DVD drive (from a G4), and a ColorSync 850 in it so it's quite peppy (for i want anyways - mp3s, movies and net access) APART from the video.

I would like to have video accel. (QT playback - particulary scaling with the onboard video is TERRIBLE!) and DVD playback in osx 10.1.

Will any PCI video cards provide me with this, i know a PCI ATI 128 will give me DVD support (with hacked DVD player) in os 9. But will this same card work in 10.1? - i see kernel extensions for the ATI128DVD and RADEONDVD.. but i recall seeing somewhere that the DVD software decoder only supports AGP video cards. it doesn't seem to make sense though since OS 9 was more than capable when i popped a loan PCI 128 in my machine ( i don't have access to the card anymore).

Apple australia want over $220 AUD for a MAC PCI 128 card (same card for a PC would cost around $50). and the damn mac radeon is over $400 retail here!

does the PCI radeon support DVD decoding under 10.1 (i believe it did in os9?)?

if i can track down another PCI 128 card (from a B&W) i will try it out (i am an apple tech and we are starting to see more of them coming out of extended warranties). i don't feel like forking out $200 for a crappy card that won't even do what i want.

basically i would love to know if anyone has got dvd playback operational on a beige g3 under 10.1

(sorry for drivelling on.. :)

I am looking for the same thing but I was wondering is if a PC version of the Rage 128 would work since the ATI XPERT 128 16MB PCI is only $43. My brother has a B&W G3 with PCI and has his DVD working on it so I am hoping for the same.
OK I have the PCI card now but haven't been able to test this because my Beige G3 won't keep the Primary monitor settings in X but it will for OS 9. When I connect my PC monitor to the on board video and switch the menu bar from on-board to Rage128 PCI card it works but as soon as I shutdown it defaults back... The same problem is occurring with the sound volume. But all of this works ok in OS 9.2