Beige G3 Relief!


Super Organism
I finally figured out what was goin on with my Beige G3 install problems. I could not get OS X to boot on this machine for months (beta) It was snooping around with ResEdit, and reading every post on the net about Beige G3 installs that led to my succes. The machine ID is 510, it was built in the transition stage from Beige to sawtooth [blue&white] Anyways by taking the information on the forums, and snooping around with ResEdit, I found special strings for booting theses machines. This led me to the IDE interface, and had something to do with master slave issues. I had no IDE HD connested, just the DVD ROM that it shipped with. There was only one solution, switch out the DVD ROM with a CD ROM, and try booting. Worked fine the first time, but for those of you that do have IDE HD's, you should look into the master/slave issue, because I'm willing to bet that is your problem. There is a post here that quotes a Apple tech person commenting on this very issue. Try a search to see if you can find it.

It only took two months to figure out!