Belkin 54g + USB adapter for wireless internet??


I have a Belkin F5D7230-4 Wireless G Router and Belkin F5D7050 Wireless G USB Network Adapter.

I have a Mac G4 867Mhz desktop (Quicksilver model) and am currently using broadband cable modem to log onto internet.

I want to surf the internet via wireless conneection throught the router, but I don't know how to go about it.

I contacted Belkin's tech support and the guy directed me to this web-site:

where I was able to see the router and verify that it was connected to the internet. This is with the router hooked up via ethernet between the cable modem and my computer.

He mumbled something about needing airport software from Apple, but couldn't tell me anything more than that. I hate talking to people that don't know anything about MACs.

So here I am with my new wireless G stuff and not a clue as to how to get it working wirelessly. Anybody have an answer for a frustrated old (and getting older by the minute) man?

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Pete :(
Thanks to someone called Strifer at this forum, the answer is:

"1. download the file and get it to the destination computer (disk, cd, wired)
2. place it in your hard drive folder; not desktop (to prevent weird problems.. just in case ;))
3. connect the belkin thingy to a powered usb-port. keyboard won't work.
4. double click the installer (the .mpkg file) and run it
5. install the files, the standard installation is good, haven't checked the alternate one and do what the screen says
6. restart your mac when the system asks you too.
7. once you are booted again the belkin utiliy will open and register with the wireless network through DHCP... easy as pie. between computers work now, but the internet does not.
8. go to the system preferences >> network
9. it will beep about a new network adapter. click add and then click on APPLY or APPLY NOW.
10. close the belkin utility, it's no longer needed
11. fire up safari and type and start googling ;)"

Now I'm hooked up (I mean unhooked wirelessly!) and surfing as fast as a direct link to my cable modem!

Thanks Strifer