Belkin iPod Media Reader First Look


huh. Not as elegant looking as I thought it would be. But at least it works

Dude, Jason, you're really damn keen on this thing, huh? lol


That things huge! Holy crap! What a waste of space!!!

Actually...I guess for professional or ameteur photographers it would be really helpful.


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its funny how every complains about size, lets see, how many formats does it have to read? also who knows what else little chips they have to put in it to make it work nicely with the ipod

and YES i am keen on this thing, you dont know how long ive wanted something like this :)


I too have been wanting this for a while. Very good news. I don't mind the size and semi-ugliness given what it does.

The only thing that could be better would be a direct link to the camera if somehow the iPod software was smart enough to "mount" the camera like OS X does. That would truly rule. Until then, this Belkin thing is awesome.

Having said that, in some ways the Belkin thing is even better than a direct link. This way, if you're a pro with an assistant, you can keep shooting while the assistant is downloading to the iPod (assuming you have multiple cards).


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Well, this is a BABY step in the right direction. The syncing w/iPhoto is right on of course.

I'm still waiting for two things to happen:

1. Apple to add a color display and full iPhoto syncing (iPod AV) so I can carry around my music (and my photos) to show to anyone I wish...perhaps even slide shows etc.

2. Apple to strap a higher resolution iSight onto the iPod.

mr. k

cc - that's not gonna happen anytime soon. I don't know why people want iPods to be super ultra swiss army knife gadgets - they just do one thing with a few little extra's. It looks like apple is branching out in terms of the iPod with these new accessories - but don't be fooled, Steve Jobs has said hundreds of times that the iPod will never be a movie watching device, it is a music player. I think that the next thing that comes to the iPod is a new screen maybe - one that draws less power and gives a better picture. Apple is rumored to be working on Organic LED's, and hired a few OLED knowledgeable engineers a while back - If anything I think what apple should do is give the iPod a better battery life - right now it is fairly poor.


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Well, if they're going to let you download photos from your camera card onto your iPod, the logical next step would be to include a color screen on the iPod to view the photos.

Mr. K: Do you have a link to more info about OLED's?


Now all I need is an iPod. :D
Hopefully I can get up some money from some new clients I'm working with.