Belkin Tiger options


Others and I have posted the incompatibility of the Belkin F5D7010 (54Mbps) card with Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger. The F5D7010 ver 3000 utilizes the Ralink chipset. There is at this time no available software for this card to function in OS X Tiger. Visiting the website forums, there is a lot of frustration regarding this issue.
I purchased a Belkin F5D7011 card (125Mbps; Broadcom chipset) and it works in Tiger using the AirPort software in my Powerbook G4 (DVI, 667MHz). Oddly, the normal 'AirPort Setup Assistant' application did not work, but the 'AirPort Setup Assistant for Graphite or Snow' hooked up just fine.
Others have claimed similar success with F5D7010 ver 1000 or 2000, also utilizing the Broadcom chipset. These should also work, but I have not tried these cards and cannot confirm the findings.
I’m very happy with the new setup. No more buggy Ralink software, and wireless access while in OS X 10.4. Hope this works for you too.