Belkin Wireless Print Server


I currently use a Belkin wirless router and a separate Belkin wireless print server with my pc. I am now using the same network to connect to the internet from my iMac.

Is there any way I can st up my iMac to use the printers currently connected to by Belkin Wirless Print Server?

Any help much appreciated.


Ric Denman
A major part of this setup is also which printers/drivers you are trying to use. Postscript printers use the native Mac/CUPS driver and will print to ALL the comm protocols you see in Printer Setup (or in IP printing and More Printers in Tiger). Proprietary non-postscript drivers almost all print to only a local protocol -- usually USB. To get around this Apple includes Gimp-Print drivers in Panther and Tiger. Gimp-Print can use all the protocols, too. For printers not supported by Gimp-Print, check here:

For your Belkin server, you must enter the queue names for each printer queue (when ADDing via IP>LPR or IP>IPP protocols). I think (but can't be 100% sure) that Belkin uses lp1, lp2, etc.

PS -the only (well-known) company that provides its own CUPS-capable non-postscript drivers right now is Brother.

I have had much better luck printing today. By using HP Jet - Socket, selecting the IP address of my printer server and selecting the appropriate Gimp-Print driver I can print to one of my two printers (Printer 1, or lpt1 or 9100). Does anyone know how I can set myself up to use my second printer (Printer 2, or lpt2, or 9101).

Note : the queue is blanked out when I select the HP Jet Direct - Socket protocol in the print browser.

9101 should be the second port on the print server.
With HP Jetdirect protocol, you don't need a queue name because the port number specifies which port on the device you are connecting to.
With Tiger where do I enter the 9101 port on my Mac (tiger) to set up the second printer?

When I set up the first printer I did not enter a port number (as I did not know where to set it up) but it appeared to default to 9100.
I'm sorry Ric, I missed the point of your question. Since IP>HP Jetdirect defaults to :9100, you'll have to use the Advanced method to setup :9101.
After getting the dialog after clicking ADD, Hold the option key down while clicking More Printers. Then select Advanced from the first menu, and select Appsocket/ HP Jetdirect in the second menu. Fill in the URI like:
socket://<IP address>:9101
and select model, etc.