best alternative while we wait for photoshop


Barking at the moon.
Besides Office v.X, the only other big program I'm waiting for OS X is Adobe Photoshop. What would be the best alternative (hopefully free) for simple to moderate graphics/photo work while we wait for Adobe to their butts in gear?

I'm currently downloading GiMP for OSX, but it looks slightly confusing. Anything else out there I should check out?
Graphic Converter is very good, and you should find it works for most of your tasks, but I really suggest you give Gimp a fair run. It is powerful, but uses an interface unlike anything else out there. It's abilities are comparable to PhotoShop, and it is far superior to any of the other contenders to the PhotoShop throne, even the commercial ones. It lacks in some critical areas, but makes up for it in others.
I remember in Linux you used to right-click a particular image to apply any effect or process to it. This was useful if you had a few images open and wanted to work between them. I haven't tried the Mac version yet...
Yeah I downloaded and installed it, but when I tried to run the thing it froze ... I'll have to give it another try.
the site for this proggy is ugly and the interface isn't the most intuitive, but it does a lot of what photoshop does including layers and so on.


30 day trial (guiltware) and it costs $69.

I use it :)