Best Firewire CD-RW?

Which firewire cd-rw?

  • SmartDisk 8x8x24 firewire, bus powered, tiny

  • Formac 24x firewire, plug in, big, FAST, burn-proof

  • Other (post below)

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Official Bartender
a LaCie 40x24x12 and it rules, especially considering the £240 (inc tax) price tag. It's on the large side, and is a bit blue, but I seems to be a really good buy...


Works fine with OS 9 and OS X, jolly fast, 16x10x40, Pure Phase Laser System (whatever that means), overrun protection, all the works.


tismey.. do you mean the 24x write, 40x read, 10x re-write lacie? if so, then that is the one i decide on. If there is a 40x write model, the 24x is going back and i am ordering the 40x. :p