Best method for coding and FTPing?


I was wondering what the best method is for coding and FTPing files on Macs. On my PC I use Dreamweaver MX to do my code then I just click the button on top of the page to Put the file to the server which is fast and easy. I also like how I can see a nice long list of my files/folders and just click on them and open them with ease.

It looks as though BBEdit and Transmit are the best coding/ftp apps. Is it quick and easy to upload a file in BBEdit to my server? I had used BBEdit a while back and had some major problems where I was overwriting files and couldn't undo the changes so I gave up on using it. If anyone has any tips or suggestions on the config I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.

I use Dreamweaver in OSX having previously been a Windows user with the software. In some ways it's slower, and in others it's faster (which mirrors my overall experience of the difference between Windows and OSX).

I've looked at a number of apps and always found Dreamweaver to have all the tools I require for web site creation. I especially like the PHP objects for quickly getting records out of a database and onto the page.

If anyone else knows of other software that can do a similar job to Dreamweaver on OSX then I'd be very interested to know about it.

Paul Perrins
I use TextWrangler (aka "BBEdit lite") and Cyberduck (both of which are free). You can access the server via Cyberduck and then open the file remotely with your preferred editor (in my case TextWrangler) with a handy little "edit" button: saving automatically "uploads" the modified file. Very useful.
I think BBEdit is elegant. It opens and saves via ftp directly, so uploading a file is as easy as hitting command+s.