Best OCR software for OS X ?


I'm looking for your opinion. I just got an email offer from ScanSoft for their OmniPage Professional 15 upgrade for $100. I only occasionally need OCR capabilities. But when I do I want something straightforward and intuitive and accurate. The only two OCR programs that I know for the Mac are OmniPage and Readiris. I've had past experience with both (earlier versions).
I don't remember being overly impressed with either, though I think I prefered Readiris.
Any thoughts, comments, preferences, etc.?
READIRIS SUCKS..... I paid for, emailed, called, etc etc. for 3 weeks to help get some installation support. They have some crazy anti-piracy scheme that prevented me from installing the package I bought because I had used the demo first.
It expired so I bought the package, proceeded to install it, and it would never work... They simply never returned any calls or emails. Then the dealer would not take the package back.
Oh, wait a minute, it is a great package.... wanna buy a discounted one from me?

Seriously, don't even consider ReadIris. I usually do not have opinions about such things, but NO RESPONSE to 5 -6 calls and dozens of emails.
Depending on what you want to do. Acrobat has a Paper Capture feature, which is pretty straight forward and easy to use. It does have its limitations and will capture the type onl, not size, style, etc.

If you already have Acrobat, not just the reader, you might save a couple of bucks.