Best OS X version for iMac G3/233MHz?


Ok, so I have to turn in my G4 for Hardware replacement, as it seems the graphics card is damaged. As it is still in the service period, I have to bring it to the vendor where I bought it. But as I don't want to sit without any E-Mail or Internet, as well iTunes possibilitys, I will reactivate my old bondi blue iMac G3 233MHz. So my question is:

I have copies of all OS X version (10/10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4). As I have 10.4 only as DVD, and I don'T want to change it to CDs just for this situation, this falls out. Has anyone expirience what OS X gives the best performance on that machine? Or what could you imagine works best on it?

Thanks for your input! :)


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Depending on the ram, I would work down from Jaguar. If you could run Jaguar, then go for it. I have a 400 G3 imac, and running Jag on it. It plugs along okay, with 198 mgs of ram or so.


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In my experience, each version of OS X up to Panther is better than the last, regardless of hardware. Tiger is much slower than Panther on many systems though (YMMV).

So I'd definitely go with Panther.


I would use panther. You will have to have a min of 128mb of ram to run it, but 256 would be much better. You will also not be able to install tiger on it for the lack of built in firewire in that model. I am currently running panther on a beige g3/266 and it is just fine. obviously it will be a step down from a G4, but for just checking email and surfing it will be fine.


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Make sure the Firmware is up to date on the iMac before trying to install OS X.