Best pc emulator.


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What is the best pc emulator now in commerce?

I know Virtual PC 4.0, is this the best one?

I have Virtual PC 4.
On the official site, on software requirements there's written that it's plenty supported by mac os x, but when I want to install it, it tries to use classic mode. Why?
there are 2 versions, a classic and an OS X.
The OS X is in beta or something. The actual commercial product is classix (as far as I know)

You can download the 'Test Drive' version from Connectix for free, but you need a valid V4 (with serial number) to get a new serial number so it will work.
If I download this test drive and use it with my virtual pc 4 and serial, will I be able to run the program on os x?

I run Debian in VirtualPC and use XDarwin to display graphics. This allows me to run wine which is often better than running Win98 in VirtualPC.

VPC in OS X is definitely slow however, probably because they are using the old event manager code instead of Carbon events. I think I'll try to get my old Dual PII running, I think the emulated 10BT card is a bottleneck and using my 100BT LAN will actually be faster.
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And VP4 is the only one you can use under OSX right now. :p


Not true. SoftWindows runs in Classic, and according to people who use it, is actually better than VPC4 for some programs (mostly old DOS apps).
softwindows stinks :p
I had bought it...and it just stinks!
Upgradeability is nill.

VPC is much better. If people want to use DOS programs just install DOS in vpc ;)
It's probably too late to post this - but I'd like to disagree with Admiral.

At the moment Soft Windows is way ahead of VPC running in OSX. VPC is unbearably slow. S/W on the other hand cracks along.

Just my experience ....