Best solution for Mac/Windows environment advice


Hello all. I am currently working at an university. Right now our computer are using Windows and Mac. We've got all server (using Active Directory and Windows 2003) running in Windows. No Mac Server (yet).

I'd like to get advice on what we might do to support more OS x and OS Classic (9.2 and 8.6)

What we would like to do is

-Support login authentication with all Mac OS system
-No change on ActiveDirectory (no ad schema change)
-If possible, map their netowrk drive on our Windows server.
-Do possible remote management on server.
-Of course, keep all Windows workstation managed by our Windows server.
-Manage printer with server.
-Get rid of AppleTalk (if possible)

Mac OS X server seems a good possible solution at an affordable price.

I did soem research recently and found ExtremeZ-IP software that might be interesting for our case.

Anyone tried it and might give me some feedback about their use?

It would be very appreciated if someone runnign and OS X server in Windows/Max environment could give me some feedback about his success story.

Thank you all for your comments!


I've had great success using Mac OS X Server in Active Directory environments. Why Mac OS 9.2 and 8.6 though? Mac OS X client and server can fully use Active Directory usernames, passwords and Kerberos authentication methods to provide a single sign on environment for all of your Mac and Windows clients.

You get a huge performance boost in file sharing moving from Windows' Services for Macintosh to Apple's AFP client.


Why MacOS 9.2 and 8.6? Because we've got old client not ready to move to the new OS X.

Will OS X server will allow me to map Windows share on OS X client?
What about printing? Will I be able to use my printer server with the OS X client?


Yes, you can use a Windows print server with OS X.

Map Windows Share? Do you mean like a home folder? The AD plugin with automatically mount the home share listed in the AD user profile.


What about mapped used with a batch file? Can we do the same for Mac OS X?
From what i understand, there is no OS 9.2 and 8.6 support with OS X Server?


What do you mean by 'support' with 9.2/8.6 with OS X Server? They'll connect to AFP shares using manual login (not Kerberos).