Best XWindows install for a newbie


Hi, I would really like to learn about running XWindows on OS X and Unix in general. I have a little experience in installing Suse Linux on my G4 last summer, have a few books on *nix commands and am willing to take a few chances now and again. I don't quite get running scripts and compiling source code is a dream.

For a newby like me could you recommend an XWindows install for OS X 10.1 that I might be able to handle or have some hope of learning to install? I have explored many Darwin pages, Fink... and it seems just beyond my grasp.

At the same time, do you have any good books that would help me understand what is involved with installing XWindows or anything else for that matter? I'm sure I'll learn more than I could imagine from struggling with an install, but I would really like to have something to "play with" asap! Maybe not instant gratification, but something in between.
I suggest you take a re-look at fink.

They have a package installer available now that will do most of the dirty work for you. Once you have that installed, learn to use dselect (just type dselect at the command line). You will have a functioning version of xwindows up and running in no time. You only need to edit your .cshrc file and everything will work fine.

AFAIC there is no easier way to do it. All the other installs do not provide a seamless upgrades path.

Good luck.

Thanks everyone - jcpowers21 has been helping me with Fink (had a few problems with the wrong version of XDarwin, installing windowmaker...). Learning by doing (doing = typing various commands he telss me to type) is really the way to go.