Beta or Alpha.. You make the call.


There is nothing BETA about this Beta Release. There are MORE problems with the Beta han I ever imagined there would be. No Airport support, No Appletalk support, needless to say, I haven't been impressed.

I paid for ALPHA software, and quite disappointed. I expected bugs and lots of them... but not a whole handful of unsupported features.

You must be doing something wrong......

I am using OS X PB and...

I am currently using Appletalk to connect over ethernet to my OS 9 Performa 6360

Apple TOLD us no Airport Support before it went on sale....You didn't have to buy it.

What other unsupported features are you refferring to? You only mention 2.

What I see is a lot of optimization that needs doing like 2D accelleration


3rd party hardware support (for things that require NO the TurboMax card Things that need driverswill be updated by the manufacturer)

I consider this a perfectly acceptable Beta OS. But then I remember betaware that could not even draw a simple finder window without crashing.......(Not to mention any names but .....ICQ damn them)

Have fun going back to Mac OS; I'll stay with my Beta and without bullshit reboots or lockups
You got exactly what you paid for. All these things missing are stated in the pdfs as well as "this is a beta...blah know the rest". Im really getting sick and tired of people complaing about OS X Pß and how they had to pay for it and its missing features..blah blah blah. You can take your OS 9 and shove it. OS X RULES!!!!!!!
If you want AirPort in OS X, you can have it.

See the post in the "Tips & Tricks" forum and it will point you to the thread in MacNN forums for how to do it. It's simply cutting and pasting some text into a file and rebooting.

It really works.
One thing that seems to frustrate users more accustomed to standard industry terminology is that a beta release is feature complete and is working on stability.

Apple's terminology is a bit backwards since they took out the things that were known to be unstable and thereby also took out the features.

So what's there is stable but there's still stuff missing. This isn't a definition of beta that's at all traditional, but it doesn't look like there are a whole lot of complaints about this non-traditional label.

Perhaps since the average user won't be able to drop into a debugger or submit a core dump or backtrace with their reports to Apple that it's much more appropriate to put the emplasis on "Public" rather than "Beta".