Beta Testing Anyone?


PowerText: an easy to use text editor with powerful features. The beta for this program is now availiable to download! Click here to download!

If you find any bugs, have questions, comments or suggestions feel free to reply to this post, your help is greatly appreciated.

27/01/2002: Very bad news, see last thread.
29/10/2001: PowerText v0.2 released. New features added as well as 10.1 optimized.
16/10/2001: Windowshade feature added to beta version!

Thanks for your reply, yes, I will upload it to an FTP server. I am close to finishing but need to remove some known bugs and do a little more coding.

Let me know if you need anything else!


P.S. When I finish the programming I will let you know where you can go to download it. I will also give a screenshot for those of you who would be interested.

Here is the updated screenshot for my app. (Last updated 13/10/2001.) Download it at

Zots: about posting the code, I don't think you would learn much from it. It is not commented and is pretty messy, plus I only have a 2400 baud connection and not alot of free time to upload it. However, If you go to and check out their free online tutorials or try and they should get you on your feet. I would try the Oreilly link first, the guy there walks you through from the very start, you don't even have to know much about a previous language. If you can't find what you are looking for at those sites, feel free to make a post here. I have found that Endian as well as some other users give wonderful answers.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and look for the app below!

The moment you all have been waiting for!

I have finished PowerText v0.1 Beta! After about a week of work I am finally done! Please feel free to download it and use it as you please. Read the "read me.ptfd" file before using (It was created using PowerText).

Download it below!



Sweet! So far, so good!
But there's just one thing I hate: the noise. I hate that stupid noise! Could you make it something else please?
Thanks! I'll update whenever I find a bug or anything I think is cool.

Thanks for your reply, I will remove the button popping and add a few more things I just thought of. Also, anybody please feel more than welcome to contact me with anything you love or hate or can't do because of a bug. Any and all advice or comments or suggestions are more than welcome on this thread or in my email box (

Have a great day!

are you serious? It looks like alot less than that.;) I say that because most of the things that are done in the project, can be done in IB without coding, the only thing i see that requires coding is to implement it to [save]. :rolleyes: Are you planning to sell this? You might make some money off it if you are, not from Developers though, probably more from newbies if anybody...Sorry if i sounded harsh, i wanted to be more realistic than anything.


Yes, I was thinking that maybe I could sell it. How much would you say it is worth and where should I sell it? I am making a website for all my projects and could set up an ecommerce type thing there, but where should I advertise it?

Have a great day!

I would say somewhere around $5. But thats me and thats my pricing range.

As for Admiral, yea i downloaded attachment.php too and then i just threw it in stuffit expander and it expanded like it was supposed to. :D


whitesaint: Thanks for your reply, I was thinking about that price range as well. Please feel free to contact me regarding anything else.

AdmiralAK: Sorry about the downloading problems. Did whitesaint's reply help? If not I will try uploading it to my FTP server (it is finally working!).

I just found a bug in this program. If you create or open a document and check the "Check spelling while you type" checkbox it works fine. But if you close the document and create a new one the checkbox will remain checked but the program will not check the spelling as the user types. I have tried to fix this bug unsuccesfully, if anyone has an idea how to uncheck the checkbox when the window is closed I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and have a great day!


P.S. For the OS 10.1 users: I just purchased the 10.1 upgrade. Look for the 10.1 compatible PowerText Beta before the end of the month!

A new feature has been added to PowertText! I know that alot of OS X users (including me) miss the window shade feature in OS 9. I have added this function in PowerText. Double-clicking the title bar or single-clicking the minimize button will collapse the title bar. Control-clicking the minimize button will send it to the dock. More cool features coming! Let me know what you think!

Also, for the new viewers: The snapshot has been updated, you can view it at

Have a great day!


P.S. I have re-uploaded the zip file so if you want this new feature just download it here.