better support CDRW + other requests


Saiyan Member
Better support for CDRW's and change the clock! (and other stuff...)

1. My Formac 24X firewire CDRW 'sometimes' works, but usually doesn't when working in OSX 10.1; which is really strange because when we were on 10.0.4 this drive always worked. And when booting into 9 it works...SO whats up with 10.1?

2. Also the clock. 1 click change to date; right-click/click&hold drop down menu...nuff said!

3. Also, I am going to persist on this! Create pop-up windows from the dock. And I don't mean just placing a folder in the dock. I want a proper (Icon/Button) pop-up dockling with full anime!

4. Sping-loaded folders...

5. Labels suck but what the heck other people want them, so add them too.

6. Please create an option for the 'bounce when an app needs attention', it drives me nuts.

7. Ability to change icon for OS9 desktop alias.

8. Native Scanner support program with (or without) iPhoto (if it ever gets released).

9. Window shade in OSX option.

10. System Sounds!

11. ABILITY TO HIDE APP FROM THE DOCK (in the pop-up menu of a running app)!

12. More options when using RIGHT CLICK/CLICK&HOLD.

13. Built-in Themes; Apple supported changable in the sys-prefs, activation without needing to reboot; user sets different themes. (If nothing else how about colors?).

14. Multiple users...XP has this on OSX...the ability to quickly switch users without having to do a full Log-out! Unfortunetly XP also has built in themes like mentioned above. Apple don't let Windows do anything better! It just gives Win users an excuse not to look at the Mac.

15. Um, what else...nothin'? How about an Aqua slow moving water or lava as a desktop option running in the background?
Thanks Apple, I love this OS!