Biege g3 Upgraded HD


I have a original biege g3 233. i have a non-apple hd. when i get to the screen where it says select destination in the installer, all it has to select is the osx cd. i was wondering if anyone else had this problem and how you fixed it. Could it possibly be that i need an apple hd in it for osx to recognize it?

my system:
owc 466mhz
ati rage 3d
20.5 gig western digital hd
256mb sdram
*everything else is standard with a
original g3 including rev a mobo
Hmm, that's interesting....

I have a rev a G3 that I couldn't do the install with, even though I re-installed my original apple hd. I was attributing the failure to my OWC 400-overclocked to-433 zif upgrade - I couldn't even get the beast to boot from the OSX disc. At least you got farther than that.

I'd suggest, if you haven't already, going into Apple Drive Setup and updating the drivers. Maybe. Just maybe.

Good luck.

(Funny how these little failures make one start calculating just how much that new G4 is gonna cost...)
I think I had the same problem. I was going to use a 2 GB Seagate HD in my PM7600 (accel XLR8 carrier) as my test drive. It did not show up until I put an Apple drive on. What I had that was working was Apple 1.2 GB and DVD drive internal, Seagate drive and Apple CD-ROM external (Note: I could not load OS X using the DVD drive). Once I did this both HDs showed up. Eventually I did a clean OS X only install to the Seagate and had OS 9 on the Apple drive. (Note: While it does not require 1.5 GB to load OS X, I believe you need that space to actual start the OS.)

While you are doing the install, select the view log (?) menu option. When it is looking for drives it will report the what it finds.

This setup was working but I reinstalled my PCI cards and changed around my SCSI chain and I could no longer get OS X to boot. I dropped the test drives out and went back to my standard config.

I'll try to answer any questions.

Note: I could never get the PM7600 to boot from only the CD. I always had to start from OS 9 and install into the boot.

Roosevelt Jones

iMac Rev A, >128 MB , 24 GB (?)
PM7600 w/XLR8 carrier, >128 MB, various SCSI HD

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Well ive updated the drivers on my hd and still nothing. the installer works great until it gets to that point. it loads up off my voodoo3 3000 card and is really nice. hmmmm what else can i do.