Big Connection Problem


I have used a Terminal application and it has bugged. I kill "Terminal" with Apple-Option-Escape. Anothers applications work correctely, the start of application are very slow (about 5 min. for start it). I click Disconnect and the button "Connect" not return and always show "Disconnecting" (I use French system, it can not show the same in your mac). I restart it. Now the applications start correctely and the Internet Connection don't work. I click "Connect", it show "Connecting" and "Disconnect show". I pick-up the phone and the modem don't use the phone line. When I click "Disconnect", the disconnect button are gray and "Disconnect" are show and it freezed, I can quit the application and re-open it the same message are here. I need to restart to MacOS 9 for connect on the Internet without Mac OS X.

I use MacOS X 10.0.3
Maybe I read the message to fast, but I cannot understand what your problem is.