BIND in OSX 10.1 / Darwin


I have read a few threads on getting BIND to install in OSX. I also had problems getting any version of BIND to install successfully that I tried. I tried installing BIND4, BIND8, and BIND9. I was unable to get any to work. Today though, I thought that I would try again. I downloaded the latest Release Candidate for version BIND9.2.0 wich is RC8 (bind-9.2.0rc8.tar.gz). It took me exactly 6 steps to get it completely installed.
1) Download the file
2) type: tar -zxvf binf-9.2.0rc8.tar.gz
3) cd bind-9.2.0rc8
4) type: ./configure
5) type: make
6) type: make install

This version configured, made, and installed without ONE error. It says that it hasnt been tested on Darwin, but I can tell you that there were no problems at all. I hope that this will help someone.
Could you tell me what some of the errors that the other versions of BIND spit out at you, or do you no longer have the packages or the time?

I did a blissfully simple install of BIND 9.2 and even configured --enable-threads

whoosh, clean, fast, multithreaded which hasn't happened for me in a while. Flawless install. Kudos to the BIND guys, gnu, and Apple for bringing all of this together.

again ... whoosh. It took me days to get things going on my original install, but since I have my domains set up on my OS X Server_v1.2 box, copy paste, compile, run... now I just need to rediscover the hack to make things run at startup.

As for old errors, I used to have to tell it PPC and then --disable-threads because pthreads was broken somehow. Now, I throw stones at it and it laughs at me, and continues running. No more fragile BIND. It's tough as nails, big as balls, and fast as hell. :)
I have been thinking about setting up BIND for use on my internal LAN and your comments make the compile sound easy (I too have had trouble in the past with the compile). I am wondering though why I would want to install BIND? I think it would be useful for my setup - I have 5 Macs and one PC on an internal LAN connected through a LinkSys to a cable connection - but I just can't find any definitive answers as to why I need BIND. Can anyone explain in simple terms how I could benefit from the installation of BIND?

- thx
If you want to maximize the amount of pain you feel this lifetime, then you should definitely install BIND. Especially BIND 9.x that's extra painful. The compile is simple, configuring domains sucks major donkey genitalia. If you have a MacOS 9 box laying around, I'd recommend you try MacDNS on it. It's ultra simple DNS configuration, and you can see if a central DNS server would be good for you.

Trying DNS for the first time by configuring BIND is ... more pain than it's probably worth. I think there's also simpleDNS or something else out there, that'd do the job as well. BIND is hard, but it's THE heavy hitter in DNS.