BIND8 install success???


Has anyone beem able to get BIND8 to install?, I tried, like it said, to port the installation, but I still get a msg that says no bind port..... anyhelp?
I tried to get Bind8 to run on OSX 10.0.4 as well as 10.1 and was unable to. Just 15 minutes ago I downloaded BIND9.2.0rc8 (9.2 release candidate 8). All I did (after decompressing it) was:
type in:
1) ./configure
2) make
3) make install

This version configured, made, and installed without ONE error message. Supposedly it hasn't been tested by ISC but it works for me! I thought I would let you know.
named -v
named 8.2.3-REL Sun Sep 2 19:46:11 PDT 2001

that is installed already!!!
you have to make your own config files though.

any lower number than that and you have a potential security issue anyway.

better look up the .l10n and adore internet worm warnings.