BIND9 DNS Server

Thomas Ganter

Hello world!

Does anyone out there has experience running a BIND8/BIND9 DNS on MaxOSX 10.1?

I downloaded, configured and compiled the sources, but somehow am not able to get the results I expect.

But then, perhaps I am using the wrong tools.

What I want to do is the following:

Me and my family have a small, heterogenous network at home. 1 Mac Desktop, 1 PC Desktop, 1 Amiga Desktop (still works), 1 OSX Powerbook, 1 OS7.5 Powerbook, 1 PC Notebook, 1 Laser Printer.

We connect to the internet via dialin router. The router has a DHCP server built-in.

Thus, we have no problem connecting to the internet from any of the machines (well, perhaps from the printer).

Yet, we have problems connecting from one machine to any of the OSX machines, and from the OSX machines to any other, since OSX tries to resolve any IP address. (I see the DNS lookup messages in the Console)

Yes, I could be configuring machine names in NetInfo, but then I would also have to configure these on the non-NetInfo machines, and keep track of changes.

I thought running a private DNS on my OSX Desktop would resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, I seem not to be able to get the configuration files correctly.

Is there anyone out there who made a similar environment working?

- Thomas