Bizarre Entourage Behavior



I was typing in Entourage today when suddenly the font changed to Hindi. As far as I know, I don't have Hindi on my computer, but there it was. it was in the body of the message, but also when I tried to type a question in help and office assistant. I quit Entourage and reopened it--still the same, so I restarted the computer and it was back to English again. Have you ever heard of such a thing.

I am using Microsoft Office 2004 and Tiger. In the network thingy at the top of the screen, there are other networks I have never seen before. I am thinking that they are some of my neighbors' in my apartment complex. If one of them was using Entourage and writing in Hindi, could it affect my computer? I do have an Indian neighbor. But I also have the firewall configured to give me full protection so this seems highly unlikely. Any ideas?

You can rest assured that Hindi is installed on your computer if one of your applications displays it. Your neighbor cannot gain access to your computer unless he/she logs into a available user account or takes over one that is left open.
I think what happened was that I used some keystrokes that changed the font to Hindi when I was writing in Entourage. I don't know what the keystroke combination was though. Does anybody know about this?

Question to MisterMe who answered my post. You said: that somebody could get on to my computer if they logged on to a user account that was open, or at least I think that's what you said. Can you explain to me what that means? The issue of privacy concerns me very much. I have the Mac's firewall on, and I live alone so there nobody whi could officially access the cntents of my computer.

You have to create an account and give the password to the people who use it. Alternatively, you can login to an account and walk away leaving it to whoever passes by. The takeaway message is that you should not suspect unauthorized entry into your computer absent affirmative measures on your part to allow it.