Blank Cd Won't Apear On Desktop For Data Storage?


Now that I have upgraded to 10.4.2 I am having trouble buring CD's. Before, I used to put a blank disc into the drive and it would mount on the desktop. I could then drag files onto the disc, right click and burn.

This feature no longer seems to be available??? Is there any way to re-activate it and burn data on a disc without using and extra program such as Toast? The option doesn't even appear in the system settings panel for DVD/CD.

Thanks for your help.

I use 10.4.2 abd what I do is this,
click on, and open a finder window,
right-click anywhere in that window, and from the context menu select "new Burn folder".
drag whatever files into this new folder and again right-click on the folder and select "Burn Disk"
Works every time.
Ok that works. It takes a few extra steps than how it used to work, but I guess that is what I will have to do to get things done. Thanks for the tip.
You could also right-click desktop and create a burn folder for your Desktop,
Then I feel this would be much like your past system, same amount of steps, etc.