blank DVD-R locks up computer, won't eject


I got a used iMac G4 a while back, but the SuperDrive doesn't work right with DVD-R disks. It reads and writes CD/CD-R disks and reads regular DVDs fine. I bought some cheap "K Hypermedia" brand DVD-Rs, and when I put one in it wouldn't burn to it and wouldn't eject it! I tried Disk Utilities and Toast to burn. I had to go through Firmware to get it to eject.

So, maybe it's just crappy media I thought. A friend of mine gave me a few Office Depot DVD-Rs to try. When I put one of those in, the iMac froze. Just straight up frozen solid. That's the first time I've ever had OS X freeze on me like that. Very bizarre. What could possibly be wrong? I have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-104.



d'you make sure to have the latest drivers and updates for that BURNER DRIVE?
make sure it matches your system setup. Drivers are typically the problem but it might just be that you got a CRAPPY DRIVE.


The DVR-104 maxes out at 2X DVD write speeds (Or so I've read),
and it'll puke on the more common 8X discs that you can get at KMart
or OfficeMax.

You can get high-quality 1-x discs (Samsung DigitAll) from
for about 50 cents a pop.