Blue Background like RedHat install


mach-o mach-o man
Ok, not exactly a customization, but its GUI related, and this seams like the place to put it.

I recently installed a fresh copy of RedHat 7.1/intel, and I had the two computers and their respective monitors next to each other (Mac OS X and RedHat).

To my surprise, the backgrounds on both Mac OS x's graphical login, and the default background on RedHat's gdm (Gnome GUI login) is almost the same shade of light blue.

Did Apple choose the light blue because it was just aqua-ish, or did they say "Hey, redhat looks pretty cool, lets use the light blue..."

Also, does anyone know how to change the light blue that the display server defaultly shows? Like on the login screen and if you turn off the desktop or simply launch the display server without any programs? Just wondering.