Bluescreen? I don't mean special FX!


Powerbook G3 | 9.0.4
Installed OSX-beta. On the installs reboot, I get the OSX welcome screen, it appears to load all the system software, then I get only a blue screen with a cursor in the upper-left-hand corner. It appears to be trying to do something (it flashes a different blue once in awhile) but stays on the screen, frozen. Has this happened to anyone else, or has the curse placed on me years ago come back to haunt me?

Thanks, Matt
PB G3 400 Bronze | 128 | 9.0.4 | 6gig | Zip | DVD | The rest is stock...
All Adobe, Palm Desktop, no weird extensions.
AppleTalk, AirPort and such: all stock.
It's a good setup, I've done this for awhile. I can't figure out why it's weird. I'm getting cranky at OSX after one day = bad.
Any help is good.


YOU IDIOT!~~ Im an apple developer! this happens when sumone tries to do a custom install DONT. just do a basic install there is no difference in release beta1a2 this problem will be fixed but there is no problem USE BASIC INSTALL!!!

kelix ya friendly mac guy
is'nt your power book model unsupported anyways??

What do you mean all the installations are the same, i thought you had options as to what you want to install
yea u can custom BUT IT WONT WORK ONLY BASIC WILL!!!! OK U CANT CUSTOMISE IT!!! IT REQUIRES EVERYTING IN BASIC YOU CANT ADD MORE IN CUSTOM OK.... sorry bout the caps but ive told peeps this so many times just do it ok!
Actually, I installed just as told--never hit that damn custom button. What is it about the installation that does this? Can I fix it?
Now if I could just get the Startup Disk control panel to work, I'd be in really good shape. Thanks for the help, even if it was in caps. ;-)
Hey what gets rid of that bluescreen? i didn't see a post except for the custom/basic install tip.... i didn't do a custom install, installed over os9 on the first partition, and after like maybe an hour, after the install and disk checks for the first boot, it sits on that damned bluescreen, doing the same blue-hue-change and disk accessing....anyway: running a RevA iMac with a 15gb hd (i wish i could remember what company...), 96ram, and the hd is partitioned into a 2gb (primary)/13gb....i can't imagine anything in the specs is the problem, i've seen successful install reports for my machine. anyone? please?
Apple says that they like you to have 128RAM at least for the virtual memory, though I can't see why that would cause the bluescreen.
My recomendation: Install on a new partition. Trust me, after 12 installs everything works better (and faster) after installing on a second partition. That's the only way I've not ever come up with the bluescreen.
If you don't have a second partition, you should try rebuilding your desktop in 9.0.4, re-installing your OS and then re-installing OSX. If that doesn't work, then it's definately partition time.

Kelix seems to be the guy to ask, he seems to know his OSX. I'd listen to him before me.


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